Garden Maintenance

Maintenance is the most important work in the garden

Maintenance is the most important work in the garden.  Each garden, no matter how small or large it is, or if it has grass, inert materials, plants, trees or flower pots, it is necessary to be maintained on a regular frequency depending on its needs.

It is very important not to leave our garden, which we have created with effort and money, to be degraded.  As you know, the largest part of a garden consists of biological material (plants) and requires maintenance from experienced people who understand and are familiar with its needs.

UNITOWER’s trained staff is able not only to perfectly maintain your garden, but to solve, quick and at the lowest possible cost, any problems may arise in the garden during the year (diseases, lack of inorganic or organic chemical elements, mechanical damage to the plants due to weather conditions such as snow, rain, hail, etc.).

Everything we have needs maintenance, especially when it comes to a beautiful garden that transforms a simple house into a dream home.