Building Administration and Common Expenses for Buildings and Blocks

At UNITOWER, we undertake the management of your building with responsibility and commitment, providing each service needed for its smooth and proper function.

Services of Common Expenses Management:

  • Advise on the election and proper function of the Management Committee as provided by the relevant legislation.
  • Issuing of analytical table, which is placed on the announcement board of each building, showing the common expenses and the outstanding fees of each unit. Another personal statement is also issued and sent to each owner separately. Update of each unit regarding the fees to be paid according to the sqm of the unit (according to the relevant legislation).
  • Keeping of financial books for each building accessible to all units for their information.
  • Collection and management of shared expenses.
  • Bookkeeping and accounting of common expenses.
  • Keeping of reserve fund for future building maintenance or for unforeseen expenses.
  • Settlement of communal bills (EAC, CYTA, Waterboard, Elevator Maintenance etc)
  • Cleaning of communal areas by qualified personnel according to a program which is agreed in advance.
  • Regular visits to the common areas of the building to check their proper function and suggestions for possible problem-solving options, if any.
  • Advising on claiming of previous or outstanding debts by the owners according to the relevant legislation.
  • Scheduling of General Meetings (once a year), recording of meeting minutes, implementation of decisions taken and information to owners regarding these.
  • In cases where significant and/or other unforeseen costs arise, the Company will not proceed to any charges or other actions without the consent of the Management Committee.