Property Management (Apartments – Houses)

In UNITOWER, our team is highly trained to take care of your property. Our goal is the protection of your property and the preservation of your interests.

Services of Property Management:

  • Inspecting and monitoring the status of you property at regular intervals.
  • Information about any faults or damages and repairing them upon your agreement.
  • Collection of bills, correspondence, and payment information.
  • Scheduling of your property maintenance and repair of emergency damages.
  • Cleaning of the property 1/month, in case you remain abroad for a long time.
  • Cleaning of the property prior your arrival.
  • Providing electrical and plumbing services.
  • Technical advices on energy upgrades of your property to maintain – increase its commercial value.
  • Rental or sale of your property upon selecting the tenant or buyer (in association with a real estate agency).
  • Monthly written report for your information.