Ecology - New Tips

50 simple tips for saving the planet

  1. Avoid disposable packaging
  2. Avoid all asbestos products.
  3. Use rechargeable batteries.
  4. Replace common incandescent lamps with new low-power lamps.
  5. Prefer the ceiling fans instead of the air conditioners
  6. Use a reusable shopping bag instead of a plastic.
  7. Replace your conventional shower with a smaller water flow model.
  8. Recycle your car's engine oil. Give it to a car workshop and do not drop it into drains.
  9. Prefer to buy refreshments in recycled glass bottles
  10. If you need timber ask for certificates confirming that they do not come from primordial forests.
  11. Use detergents that do not contain phosphates.
  12. Place a plastic bottle in your toilet tank to reduce the amount of water retained in the tank.
  13. Install solar water heater.
  14. Use alternative ways of traveling: buses, trains, metro, trams, trolleys, bicycles or ... walking.
  15. Support local markets of agricultural products.
  16. Use non-bleached coffee filters
  17. Try vegetarian meals diet of biological origin, preferably.
  18. Reduce waste before you even purchase the products, preferring the small and environmentally friendly packaging products.
  19. Choose the "green" refrigerators. Save the ozone and Earth climate.
  20. If you are planning a new home, include energy saving systems in your building plans.
  21. Look for the recycling logo on the products you buy.
  22. Avoid chlorinated PVC plastics.
  23. Collect rain water in buckets and use it to water your plants. This way you save water either from the municipal network or from wells.
  24. Prefer stores that promote specific recycling programs.
  25. Do not buy products made in from animals or plants that are in danger of extinction. (
  26. During winter evenings, shut down the shutters and curtains to keep the heat level in your room.
  27. Use reusable containers to store food in your refrigerator instead of covering it with aluminum foil.
  28. Cycling helps maintain good physical condition, reduces air pollution and slows down the "greenhouse effect".
  29. Plant a tree.
  30. Recycle newspapers and magazines.
  31. If you decide to eat in fast food restaurants, always ask for reusable dishes and glasses. In any case, think twice if you are in the right place.
  32. Use lavender against moth. Avoid toxic insecticides.
  33. Prefer to use, if possible, water colors instead of oil paints.
  34. Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  35. Use eco-friendly cars – eco driving.
  36. Do not forget to turn off all the lights when no more in need.
  37. Instead of air conditioners, take advantage of the natural cooling possibilities.
  38. Prefer papers which have not previously been bleached with chlorine.
  39. Prefer purchasing certified biological products.
  40. Do not unnecessarily leave your electrical kitchen ceramic hobs on.
  41. Do not leave your TV, stereo or other electrical devices in standby mode. You will be surprised how much energy they can consume in this mode.
  42. Do not buy small size fish. Give an opportunity to nature to reproduce.
  43. Be sure to maintain the boiler-burner in your house twice a year. Save energy and money.
  44. Prefer “smart” windows with double glazed glasses for energy saving.
  45. Reduce the consumption of paper and packaging materials, as much as possible
  46. Prefer showering rather than bathing in the bathtub.
  47. If you cultivate land, avoid using methyl bromide
  48. Avoid all products containing chlorine or its derivatives.
  49. Protest for companies displaying eco-label, often advertising allegedly "green" products, while the true really differs.
  50. Support Greenpeace.